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The Shire of Coolgardie, known as the ‘Mother of the Goldfields’ is the most populous local government in the southern Goldfields of Western Australia. Shire of Coolgardie is at the centre of one of Australia’s largest mining, infrastructure, and transport growth.

The Shire plays an important role in the area of economic development, community education, employment and environmental protection.

Celebrated for the gold and nickel discoveries in Coolgardie and Kambalda, the Shire continues to thrive with a multitude of mining and processing companies operating in the area. The Shire is the largest producer of minerals in the region with gold and nickel mining operations supporting globally significant regional exports.

CEAA is Australia’s leading impact agency and is recognised internationally for its pioneering work in the area of circular economy, ESG and climate change response. CEAA works with the UN, the World Bank, Government agencies and some top research and education institutes in Australia, and other countries in developing and delivering impact initiatives in the circular economy.

CEAA is now connected to more than 15,000 heads of organizations, senior leaders, CEOs, top executives, mayors, and sustainability leaders across the world.

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