Coolgardie Regional Transformation Alliance (CRTA)

CRTA is a pioneering initiative to catalyse collective action from government, mining industry, community and academia for transforming Coolgardie.

CRTA's Vision

To become a synergistic alliance between government, mining industry, community, and academia for transforming Coolgardie as a ‘green energy hub’ and for delivering regional ESG and sustainability goals.

CRTA's Mission

CRTA will work with multiple sectors to ensure broader ownership and alignment of goals, objectives and initiatives in the area of ESG, sustainability and climate change.

Why an Alliance

The Circular Economy Alliance Australia (CEAA) and the Shire of Coolgardie have joined forces to forge a potent multisectoral alliance that will firmly establish Coolgardie as a circular green mining region that is at the centre of the world’s clean energy transition. This is an excellent opportunity to transform the community and ensure sustainability for the next 10 to 15 years.

According to a 2021 Accenture study, clean energy goods and services could generate up to 395,000 new jobs in Australia and $89 billion in new export trade by 2040, including green hydrogen, green metals, and critical minerals.

The Shire of Coolgardie has demonstrated outstanding leadership in making this happen. No other regional authority in the world has taken such a long-term view of what could be done to reasonably transform a region from an ESG perspective, not just an economic one. Coolgardie is attempting to build long-term community growth by forming this alliance.


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